British Christianity

I have been lamenting of late the loss of a distinctly British Christianity that I remember from my early days as a Christian. That was back when Christian songwriters in Britain churned out wonderful worship songs that made being a Jesus follower in Britain an exciting and vibrant thing.

Today it seems we are net importers of Christianity, our faith influenced by Bethel, Hillsong and other places. There is much to like and to be blessed by from ministries beyond these shores but I, for one, miss that distinct British Christianity I fondly remember.

The sad part of it is that there appears to be an inferiority complex among some believers in Britain that makes us look to America and elsewhere for validation and authenticity in relation to what it means to be a Christian. Yes, Christian culture is far more part of mainstream society in certain areas of the USA but the Christianity that is so pervasive in the States is often grotesquely flabby and bloated, not muscular and lean.

We need a fervent, strong Christianity in Britain once more and one that is fitted to our society. Perhaps a distinctly British ekklesia will shape a new post-Brexit Britain which has for too long been colonised culturally by Hollywood, HBO, MTV and CNN.

Reformation in the Church can lead to transformation in the nation. Britain’s greatness and identity is only to be found in Christ Jesus.

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