The Union: Scotland’s True Destiny

Despite the intense efforts of the shannah – those rebels seeking change spoken of in Proverbs 24:21 – the Scottish Referendum result was in line with God’s purpose and will for Scotland.

It is vital to understand that Scotland’s destiny lies within the Union, not separate from it.

Judah-Scotland is in union with Ephraim-England in the plan and purpose of God – united under the Throne of David in the midst.

The two sticks have become one and in this United Kingdom of Britain-Israel, we are to live as one nation and one kingdom under one shepherd.

This blog has been set up to further explore the theme of SCOTLAND: LAND OF DESTINY which you can get a copy of here.

In the book you will discover Scotland’s astonishing history and its glorious future. In God’s purpose, Scotland is the chief of the nations and is called and ordained by God to bring light, life and leadership to the world. That destiny will not be achieved by pursuing a narrow, self-obsessed path based on nationalistic pride and racial hatred but by a path of humility and serving others.

This blog will go into greater detail over time as well as releasing revelation which has come since the book was first published.

It is important to be aware that Scotland’s destiny in YHWH will be challenged and the people of Scotland tempted by counterfeit visions. The recent “Yes” campaign is one of those and  it was thwarted by the mercy of God after mighty prayer went up.

Scotland is to be the land of revival and the fount of a global outpouring which will bring millions into the Kingdom. This revival has been seen by many throughout the years, perhaps most famously in modern times by Jean Darnall, whose visions of an awesome move of God originating in the north of Scotland are dear to many.

This blog will explain why such outpouring can be expected, both from a scriptural and a historical perspective.

Scotland’s influence and leadership has already shaped the world and geopolitics. That influence has not always been a boon and blessing, as we will see, but God will undo all the darkness that has come from Scotland and cause us once more to be a living fountain of blessing to the nations.

These are exciting and momentous times that we live in but they are very dangerous times. Sadly, many Christian believers were entranced by the Yes campaign. That is why we have felt led to start this blog in order to share information, inspiration and revelation concerning Scotland’s true destiny in the earth. God’s people must be informed and called out of Babylon.

It is no accident that Scotland has led the way in so many fields and birthed so many inventors, explorers, leaders and pioneers. Scotland’s greatness historically has been suppressed, especially in recent times as has its destiny.

In this blog you will find out why.

To find out the astounding purpose of God for Scotland and the Scottish people, read this blog. And tell others!

The Unicorn of England and the Lion of Scotland in the Scottish Arms

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